Sunday, 28 May 2017

Chaumont International Garden Festival review (2017) in pictures

The International Garden Festival at Chateau Chaumont-sur-Loire is one of the most popular events of the year here in the Loire Valley. We made our now annual visit on Friday under perfect blue skies and unusually high temperatures for this time of year. The theme for 2017 is 'Flower Power', here are our highlights...

Our favourite garden - 'Monochrome Blanc'

We loved this year's festival but with the theme being 'Flower Power' disappointing not see a pair of flairs anywhere!

Friday, 26 May 2017

A weekend when you are sure to come up smelling of roses in the Loire Valley

This weekend you have a couple of opportunities to 'smell the roses' by visiting the pretty village of Chedigny and its 'Rose Festival' or the delightful Chateau du Rivau

Chedigny Rose Festival

Patricia Laigneau

La Vie En Roses at Chateau du Rivau

Or on a busy weekend you can taste some rose at the 'Viti Loire'' wine fair in Tours.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Centre-Val de Loire - always surprising.

One of the delights of our region is driving through  the open countryside on quiet roads and stumbling upon quaint little villages which sometimes present you with pleasant surprises...

As in the village of Boussay in Southern Touraine which though very small has a lovely church and this glorious residence, Chateau de Boussay is privately owned but you are allowed to wander through the gates and around its moat and exterior.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Brocantes / vide greniers this weekend in Loire Valley Thursday 25th and Sunday 28th May


 Because of the public holiday today it is a brocante day rather than Saturday

Brocantes / vide greniers Thursday 25th May

* Up to 50 stalls ** 50 to 100 stalls *** 100 to 200 stalls ****More than 200 stalls    ? Unknown

BEAUMONT LA RONCE  Brocante Vide-greniers ****
FERRIERE LARCON  Brocante Vide-greniers ***
LA CHAPELLE SUR LOIRE  Brocante Vide-greniers *

LA RICHE  Vide Dressing des Tourangels du Desert **

RICHELIEU  Antiquités Brocante **

VERETZ  Vide-greniers *****

Brocantes / vide greniers Sunday 28th May

* Up to 50 stalls ** 50 to 100 stalls *** 100 to 200 stalls ****More than 200 stalls    ? Unknown

BENAIS  Brocante Vide-greniers ***

SAUNAY  Vide-greniers **

SOUVIGNE  Vide-greniers ?

TOURS  Brocante BD Béranger ***

Other departments: Source :

Monday, 22 May 2017

Centre - Val de Loire...more than just chateaux...there is 'La Brenne'

Centre - Val de Loire really has something for everyone...for nature lovers it has the vast 166,000 hectares site of bio-diversity that is the 'La Brenne'...the 'land of a thousand lakes' (well actually more)  that sits in the south of the region in the department of Indre'.

Whether you are a bird-watcher, a rambler, a cyclist, or just want to relax by the waters edge - it has it all.